Oldest AGA Cooker Competition Winner

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 12

In yesterday's Daily Telegraph newspaper the Daily Telegraph's AGA-Rayburn competition to find the owner of the Oldest AGA cooker was announced: oldest AGA competition winner  and the winner was of the oldest continuous working domestic AGA was the Hett family. Aga expert Richard Maggs confirmed that the Hett Aga was a genuine 1932 stove. Though I can't remember the actual rules saying that the AGA had to be the 'oldest continuous working domestic AGA'. It will be an interesting follow story to see if they accept the prize of the new 13 Amp AGA Cooker install it and use it. I'd be interested to see if their bills increase with the new 13 Amp AGA, and their thoughts of the new AGA?

The prize of for the best story went to Nicky Gill for this story (copied from the AGA Competition Story Winner on the Daily Telegraph site):

Nicky Gill from Dorset, for example, fondly remembers her Aunt Maidie warming her chest on the family's elderly 1940s AGA. ''She was a matronly figure with a booming voice and a magnificent bosom who would return from bracing winter walks and beg a few moments alone in the kitchen,'' wrote Nicky. ''If the kitchen door was ajar we could see Auntie Maidie raise her jumper, lean over the hot plates and emit a deep sigh while uttering the words 'ah, one of life's great pleasures'.''

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