New video for Insulating my oven cleaning dip tank.

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Jun 05



Here is my video Episode 3 for my  oven cleaning business site site. Again I filmed this in January when it was cold and towards the end of last year I had just tried some thick insulation which was getting in the way so thought this might be an easier option and tried it. Really looking at this it does seem a bit insignificant, like a poor try at getting the insulation on the tank, but it did seem to work. After this I tried some other variations and in the end I think I have come up with a good way to get the tank insulated and keep the solution up to temperature for the whole day. I am building this into my new oven cleaning dip tanks.


So looking at this the reason to use the insulation is to keep the temperature of the solution consistant for the whole of day even when it is cold weather. If the solution is kept hot then you don't need to top of the temperature by plugging the tank into the mains. Really though this is a nice to have rather than an essential thing to do and all our guys and myself can get through the day without topping up we have learnt ways to get around the problem!



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