New Van Fit Packs A Punch

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Sep 17

We picked up my new Peugeot van today. It has been with Peugeot for the last week as they were putting in a new loom for the 240 volt supply for the tank to complete the fit out.

English: Peugeot SR1 - right side.

English: Peugeot SR1 - right side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have fitted in a plug on the outside of the van and loomed it through to the tank. It looks a very neat job with trunking for the whole length from the element to the socket and now completes the van fit which is going to be our standard van fit for franchisees. It really looks professional and certainly has the ‘wow’ factor with the whole back are being white and everything else is fitted neatly. As I have said on a previous post I have made effort to ensure that it is the best fit-out that is in the market at the best price and have put together a team who have developed this fit for us. With the ‘wet area’ in the back which has welded seams to make it water tight and our unique insulated tank (that stays hot all day on one charge) with our own quarter turn fasteners, and the arrangement of the dipping tank and the water rinse tank, side by side, I think I have come up with the best set up you can get for an oven cleaning business, ensuring a fast system that is both practical and one that will work for the life of the van  ensuring the value of the van isn’t affected by the leakage of any solution from the tank.


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