New Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 05

I’ve heard through the grape vine that one of my competitors, that is franchise company competitor, is looking at changing from their gas heated

electric oven cleaning dip tank

English: A typical heated pizza bag, with a plug at the bottom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dipping tank to an electrically heated dip tank in the next few months. I’m wondering if they have been feeling the heat of my sales video which sort of lays out the disadvantages of using a gas heated tank rather than an electrically heated one. That is danger of using the gas, and the length that each job takes. see oven cleaning franchise opportunity They’ve been using one since they started which I think was over twenty years ago.

So its going to be a big change for them as they are going to have a new way of operating completely, that is no more going into the house at the start of the job to get the water from the client, no more throwing the dirty water into people’s flower beds at the end of the jobs, no more having to spend all day on the jobs they are doing, a new operating manual.

So now its a case of what is that tank going to look like, I’ve just got a new design tank myself, and it looks a lot different to the ones you may have seen in my videos. It has got some new key features which has some benefits over the old design, it’s easier to use, stays hotter longer … you’ll only be able to find out if you visit us on one of our Franchise Open Days here in Bristol ­čÖé

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