Sep 01

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Our new oven cleaner Mathew has had a great start and this week he is out working on his own. At the start our oven cleaning operatives tend just to clean standard single and double ovens and so that is what he is cleaning. So with our training we have got him up and running in two weeks.

I think the following things have helped:

1. Our new oven cleaning training centre, even though it only has a few ovens in at the moment, has allowed me to give him a faster start as I have been able to go through the processes with him before going 'live' as it were.

2. We gave him some time with both myself and one of our operatives which meant he has benefited from our combined experience.

So he is going to be doing the standard size ovens now for a while until he has got his speed up. Then do some checks and further training on range cookers and AGA cookers before he starts doing those as well. Speed in oven cleaning normally comes from strength in forearms and more stamina which gained with oven cleaning experience.

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