New AGA iTotal Control Launched

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Jun 04

Found this video interesting as it shows a person switching on the new AGA iTotal Control remotely using her iPhone.


@AGArangemaster have done some PR over the last week or so for the launch of the new AGA iTotal Control. It is the same as the AGA Total Control they launched last year but now as it can be controlled from your iPhone they have renamed it the AGA iTotal Control. Really for me it really caught my eye and excited me that AGA have come up with this. But if you look at the detail of functionality then it all becomes a bit disappointing.


From what I can see you can control the 3 ovens but you can’t control the top plates remotely. So the question would be who would use this to switch their AGA on? For me the only reason to make the AGA controllable like this is to save on running costs. As having the AGA off is like killing the heart of your home! So for me someone buying the AGA iTotal control are probably AGA newbies and really haven’t had the experience of a ‘proper’ AGA before, and they got sold this in the AGA showroom. They were sold on the benefits of the switch-on-off-ability of it without really thinking it through.


I think it would probably work like this. You got your dinner ready before leaving for work and it is sits in the cold AGA oven ready to cook all day. On the way home with 45 minutes to go you text, or use the App on your iPhone to switch the oven on. When you get back hey presto one cooked meal. Though for me I’d probably want to do some additional cooking so I’d want the top plates on. So I switch them on and as they take 20 minutes to heat up I put the cooked food into the simmering oven which of course I switched on the same time as the main oven, didn’t I? Okay food into simmering oven and now I wait for twenty minutes so I can then cook some vegetables for the meal or maybe do a stir fry to add to the main dish – another ten to twenty minutes cooking time. All a bit of phaff really. Why not have a normal AGA and then when you get home everything is up and running no fuss and your  either cook your meal in 20 mins all at the same time or you take out a meal from the Simmering oven which you have slow cooker all daycooked your meal in the Simmering oven all day. If you get the 30 Amp AGA which is only a couple of grand more than the iTotal Control it will only cost you about £12 ish a week to run and  you have the benefit of that wonderful radiant heat filtering through your house. So any advantages of the iTotal Control would be cancelled out.

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