New AGA Cooker Launched Today – AGA Total Control

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May 17


Watching todays Tweets from @agarangemaster and @jamesmcintosh they have announced the launch of a new AGA cooker that looks very much like the traditional AGA we all love but with a modern update. Today Tweets said 'AGA total control redefines a British icon: touch screen control, separately operated ovens and hot plates – redefining a British icon. They went on to say: ' new hotplates that are 10% larger and soon to be launched smart phone apps so you can control the AGA on the go; an AGA when you need it'. Looking at the pictures that were linked to by the tweets it looks just like a regular 3 oven AGA but with a glass control panel under the control box door. So looking at what they are saying it means that they have gone away from the traditional 'on all the time same temperature running AGA' to an AGA that is completely controllable. So that is why I have put the old Aardman electricity ad on this post – the first character, what is he, a tortoise, says about the heating on his home: 'It is easily controllable and it need to be easily controllable as I don't have much time.  I am a very busy person. I need to have everything as I need it. It needs to be modern. It needs to be easily turn off and on able'. So there you are todays new AGA Total Control described by an old commercial – 'it's easily turn off and turn onable'. Perhaps they can do an update, change the logos and there you go instant advert all set up. I may do it myself!  Lets hope @jamesmcintosh gets up to speed to do us some videos so we can really see how it works.


I can see this AGA is a popular addition to the range and really it is what everyone wants sometime that looks like an AGA but can be controlled by your iphone (lets hope they do an Android app too for us HTC Desire owners). So that will be fun and awesome! ­čÖé The 13 Amp electric AGAs have been great but they do cost a lot to run, and I have had had to describe AIMS (AGA Intelligent Management System – posh timer to you and me) to many 13 Amp users, desperate to reduce their bills, more than once.  Lets hope this is a the new AGA AGE!
On the AGA Rangemaster website they go on to say about the AGA Total Control that each of the hotplates and ovens can be controlled separately and they have achieved the control by using elements that are set into the cast iron. And the price is ┬ú9595 but it is available in 9 colours and it can be as low as ┬ú5 a week to run. So this is good as it would allow you to run with say just one oven or hotplate through the Summer and stop your kitchen being a sauna – like mine is with our 30 amp.
We look forward to offering our AGA cleaning Service to clean them. So if you have the AGA Total Control and your AGA cooker needs cleaning then please contact us. ­čÖé
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