Jun 18

At this time of year we tend to clean alot of AGAs as alot of people tend to switch them off for the Summer. We ourselves have an electric AGA and we have just turned ours down so it is taking slightly longer to cook but it’s still on as we don’t have an alternative way to cook.

As a company OvenGleam clean AGAs cold so we need them to be off so it’s a good time for us to clean AGAs when they are already off as reduces the inconvenience of the client. We tend to clean quite a few a week all year around but we do clean more through the Summer months. There is still a perception that AGAs clean themselves: I still speak to people who are surprised that there is such a thing as an AGA cleaning service especially AGA owners who say ‘it keeps itself clean’. Well it does inside the ovens to a degree though looking at my AGA which is now 7 months old it is a bit dirty in the ovens with stains on the plates just inside the oven doors and it has got greasy on the top where I haven’t cleaned off grease off quickly enough.

When OvenGleam clean AGAs we clean the whole of the outside and the detail such as the hinges, the strips inside the ovens, under the lids and all the grease is removed from all the enamel surfaces. By the time we have finished it will be gleaming like new!

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