Nov 08

Well we are into November and the month of December is fast approaching. I happened to mention to my wife Catherine that I don’t mind cleaning ovens in December so hopefully before we close down for Christmas I’ll have a few jobs to.

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rathe...

Christmas pudding decorated with skimmia rather than holly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

December can be a hard month as it is busy and we have to fit all the jobs in. In past years I have phoned up our competitors to find out if they had spare capacity but it has near enough been a no so I stopped phoning and now it is a case of trying to manage the bookings for out guys so fitting in more jobs and looking at maybe taking on a temporary cleaner to take on the overspill or giving me some jobs! Which is obviously what we are looking at this year.

So looking forward to that. I particularly like cleaning AGA Cookers when all the Christmas trimmings are up in the house, as it all goes together to give the traditional Christmas look like you see on magazines such as Home and Gardens.


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