Look A New AGA: Pimped Up With Bling

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Jul 20

AGA have just brought out a New Look AGA model. The changes are aesthetic and they have basically blinged the old style up. This new styling is only available on the AGA Total Control and AGAaga new look Dual Control cookers. Both have three ovens. Available in 12 colours but I like aubergine.

So what are the changes to the ordinary design? Well there are six, in AGA’s words

1. NEW handrail Stunningly sleek and tactile, the stainless steel New Look AGA handrail features redesigned brackets made from chrome-plated aluminium.

2. NEW hotplate handles Consumers now have a choice between the original chrome-plated handles or a statement-making new design made from nylon-coated steel.

3. NEW badge The New Look AGA badge is made from chrome-plated zinc alloy and is recognisably AGA. It looks fantastic and it’s high-shine finish makes this new model really zing.

4. NEW door plate A stainless steel plate has been added to the front of the New Look AGA, which works brilliantly with the revised, stainless steel door catches.

5. NEW door hinges While the doors remain the same as those on all AGA cookers, the New Look AGA features a hinge lug spring in chrome-plated zinc alloy.

6.NEW base plinth The chrome-plated plinth fascia makes a real style statement. Traditionally it was black, but this new metal finish offers a completely differ

Generally I like where they have gone with this, the last thing that AGA did anything like this was for the Millinienum edition AGA and it was less bling then. It looks modern and also a bit retro. I particularly like the badge. All together the new bits do add and make a statement for a modern kitchen which is what I think they are aiming at here.

For an AGA cleaners point of view I hope the new chrome bits on the hinges don’t make it more difficult to get the oven doors off.

If I was buying a new AGA tomorrow and I had the £10K to buy one. I’d buy the AGA Dual Control in Aubergine. Why not the AGA Total Control? Well it really isn’t a proper AGA as such (not on all the time so no radiant heat, no proper flue outlet like all other AGAs have, and people are still having problems with them, condensation, venting, electrics. I don’t think AGA have got the design right as the AGA was never designed to be switched on an off for convenience. The AGA Dual Control on the other hand is a refined AGA with the complicated electrical bits removed that were problematic in the 13 Amp AGA, the top plate design of the AGA TC, and has excellent ECO feature to reduce running costs which I apparently are around £14 a week. So for me it is the AGA to go for. They look great, I saw one in Spillers of Chard showroom the other week. I was surprised that you can get the add on bit to make it like a 4 oven AGA, but as the Dual Control has three ovens in the main bit it makes it a 5 oven AGA. The ovens on the left 4 and 5 are heated up by an electric element that is in the back of the oven, with a switch on the front.

AGA New Look brochure download click here

Photo used from this page http://www.agaliving.com/our-products/aga-range-cookers/aga-dual-control/aga-new-look

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