Living Social Deal oven cleaner out of business

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 12

I’ve mentioned a few times that I think it is madness for an oven cleaner to take the risk of a Living Social deal or Groupon Deal as if they sell too many deals they end up working until the end of the deal for about £20 to £30 a day every day for three months which in the end effectively puts them out of business.

I noticed a deal a few weeks ago in Bristol where the company sold 200 cleans at a price of £19 a clean of which they probably got £8 a clean. The company wasn’t even a specialist oven cleaning company but a general cleaning company, with a bad web site, who from what I could see from their site had been in business for only a short while. My guess is that they probably aren’t in business now as they would have struggled to get the jobs in.

This week I have noticed a deal in Cardiff where the deal is £21 for the clean of which I would expect the, this time a proper oven cleaning company, to get about £9 per clean. They have sold about 90 cleans and there is still four days left on the deal

So if they get close to 200 that will be 3 to 4 ovens a day for the next 14 weeks. 14 weeks at £27 a day? Seems like madness to me.

We clean ovens in Cardiff too. Our price for the same single oven clean is £77. Our normal day in Cardiff would be three to four jobs returning us £240 to £320.

Which company would you prefer to have?

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