It’s a dog’s life – hair there and everywhere.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jun 25

Whilst cleaning ovens it’s a good idea to look out for the household’s dogs. Dogs love the smell of the grease we remove from the ovens in our waste box and I’ve also had a one instance of a dog helping me with the cleaning by licking the grease off a door which was on the kitchen floor. We have to keep a watch on them and we prefer if they aren’t left in the kitchen with us whilst we are cleaning as it makes the job more difficult trying to manage the dog as well as carry out the cleaning. Jack Russell dogs are particularly interested in what we do and two of them at one house (Barry and Dave) were busy sniffing at everything.

I have also noticed that if there is dog in the house the inside of the oven will tend to have dog hairs stuck in the grease inside the oven especially if the main oven is at floor height and the grease on the oven floor will have the most. The dirtiest oven I have ever cleaned belonged to a dog owner. I didn’t see the dog but I got a feeling of what he might have looked like as when I got there the whole of outside the range cooker and the overhead extractor hood had a quarter of an inch ‘fur’ look to it. The dog’s hair had got stuck in the grease on the whole outside, so it really did look like a furry cooker.

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