Is The Parked Up OvenGleam van in Bristol working Graham?

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Jul 07

I parked one of my old vans in Bristol right next to the busy road in Bristol where all the commuter traffic pass each day a few weeks back. It’s an OvenGleam sign written van and it’s sat there all nice and clean.

Oven cleaning vans oven gleam

Oven cleaning vans oven gleam (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)

Have we had any business from this van? Well I’m not sure but we may have, nobody has said I saw your van parked next to the road in the place where it is. Though the other day I talk a call from a lady and I asked her where she got our number from she was a bit vague and said she had either seen a van or friend had recommended us. So I’m guessing she had a piece of paper in her hand with our number on and she was unsure where she was when she had written the number on it, or perhaps her husband had given it to her.

I’m guessing it may be working. The van is parked in not just a busy place but a very busy place and cars pass it every day, slowly, as the queue on their way to work. So subliminally I think it might be working. The placement of the van combined with the other advertising we are doing contributes to getting people to phone us.

But anyway it isn’t costing us anything and it is worth keeping there for the time been. The value of the advertising is more than the worth of the van, which after eight years and 110,000 miles is going to be low. Where I’m parking it there are paid advertising vans there too, for example Spec Savers sign written van, and I’m guessing that this isn’t cheap to pay for this to be done for you.

If you see it and can tell us where you have seen it we will give you a free gift – A Cooking Book – if you book your oven in for a clean. ┬áJust say OvenGleam Prize when booking your oven in oven for a gleam. Ring us on 01275 370571

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