Is oven cleaning business Seasonal?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 13

I have been asked recently is oven cleaning seasonal? This was from someone who had had a weed control business and his business was dependant on the weather and was also seasonal.

Well oven cleaning as a business does have its higher points in the year. For example the Yellow Pages rep showed us the graphical representation of calls to us and it showed a steep curve upwards from September onwards. So that last quarter is our more busier time of year but we still keep our four vans booked up for the rest of the year but it means more work from us to get it. For example marketing to our client base with offers etc to get the full days.

Also January can be quiet but for the last couple of years we seem to have got around that by running different offers. We have increased our prices as of the 1st of December and then run an offer in January saying get last years prices which were the ones before we changed them in the December.

We have just had a quieter few weeks because of the school holidays (we think) and then suddenly last week it all changed when the kids went back to school after their Easter break. Looking at the bookings for the next few days we seem to be doing well.


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