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Jul 05

Here is our win an #iPad3 competition we are running in the #Bristol and South West, #Cardiff South Wales area for everyone who makes an appointment to have their oven, range cooker or #AGA cooker to be cleaned between 4th July 2012 and the 31st August 2012. It is going to be the £399 one which has 16GB memory. Yesterday was our first day but obviously we are looking to get lots of interest in this. So for oven cleaners bristol and the other areas in the South West and South Wales give us a ring on 01275 370571 so you don’t miss out. Really I’d love an iPad myself but Catherine, my wife (see her in this video) has told me not yet! At a local business networking event on Tuesday night someone told me that his mate had entered an iPad competition then told his wife and then ordered an iPad to be delivered after the competition ended. When he got home his wife told him “do you know that iPad competition well you won!”. He didn’t say anything apparently. So here is an idea for you; as I told Catherine this story yesterday I don’t think it’s going to work for me…



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