I bought 92 toothbrushes today for Oven Cleaning Success

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Jul 06

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Yes I did buy 92 toothbrushes today. I think there may be a song about it. Well okay there isn't but I spent the drive home trying to think of one. The Red Balloons song seemed a good song to re jig the lyrics and get something sorted out all about 92 toothbrushes. So why did I buy 92 toothbrushes? Are my teeth that bad? Well no my teeth are fabulous, and even more so since I have used my Oral B Triumph 5000 toothbrush everyday this year, it does a superb job.

No I bought the toothbrushes from Tesco as their value toothbrushes are superb for oven cleaning. The reason they are so great is because you can really put some pressure on them and they don't break. I have tried normal toothbrushes like a medium bristle Oral B but the head snaps off within five minutes. The Tesco ones are indestructible and they are cheap. They cost 10p for a packet of two; so 5p each. I took all of the ones on the shelf today and then had to get to the till with them grasped in my hands, I kept on dropping them everywhere; I was only going to buy a couple but last time they were 20p each so MAJOR savings!

So if you are looking for a great oven cleaning toothbrush the Tesco value toothbrushes are the ones to get.

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