How to fix a problem with Baumatic when the nut falls into the inside of the oven

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Nov 27

I cleaned a Baumatic range cooker a couple of weeks ago and I had a few problems with it. This isn’t unusual as the Baumatic ranges are poor quality and if there is one range that is going to fall apart as you clean it then you can bet on is one. On my list of jobs I thought I was going to be cleaning two singles which normally means two single ovens side by side. But when I got there I realised it was the two ovens of the Baumatic double oven range cooker. The cooker was a the cooker that came with the house as the house was in a cul de sac where I have cleaned three other ranges all of which were Baumatic and one of them I had a problem with the seals which we had to replace.

The  problem with this was was that when I was scrapping it the blade caught one of the clips which is on the retaining back plate  nut for the screw that holds on one of the side racks in place. It fell out inside the cooker. I thought about it and as there was only way to get it back in and that was to take the panels off and then find the nut I decided to go for it. The alternative was to get a cooker repair company and the bill would have been at least £100.

To get into the inside of the oven to retrieve the nut I had to remove all the screws on the front plate of the range. There were quite a few of them. Then once I had done this I was able to move the whole front panel of the range forward and then get my hand into the space behind the oven – see the video. I found the nut after a while, it had slipped right down the bottom, and then I had to get back into place. To do this was tricky as I had to bend the little clips on the nut so that I could then put the nut back in place. But in the end I did it.

Then I put the panels back and finished off the clean and everything looked fabulous. So in the end a good job but I won’t be excited about the next Baumatic range I have to clean.

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