How To Clean The AGA Cooker Enamel Top

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Apr 27

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For regular cleaning on a day to day basis:

1. If you are looking to keep your AGA cooker top looking clean and sparkling I'd recommend keeping a tea towel handy on the AGA towel rail and using that with some spray cleaner. I recommend using something like the window cleaner spray from Astonish which does a great job and you can be assured that it's quite safe in comparison to other products you can get on the market. I been using it for a while and it makes my AGA shine.

If it's starting to get thick in grease and burnt on carbon:

2. Then it gets a bit trickier as this is pretty difficult to remove. You can try using the scraper that AGA sell in their AGA Shop but I would suggest switching the AGA off so you don't burn yourself. You also need to make sure that the blades you use are new and that you change them regularly. This may be after just a few scrapes as the blade needs to be at its sharpest to do the job well. If it gets blunt then you may cause damage to the enamel. Also you need to be careful that you don't cut yourself with the scraper. So what I would really recommend is getting a company such as ours to do it for you. We use products that are safe and we have been trained and have extensive experience of cleaning AGA Cookers of all ages and levels of dirtiness and we know how to get all the dirt and get your AGA sparkling again.

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