How Often Should I Have My Oven Cleaned?

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

May 07

I’m out cleaning ovens myself at the moment – I’m doing a couple of days a week while the guys are all doing their normal five days week days and alternative Saturdays. I have been asked by clients about how often they should call us in to get their oven cleaned by us. I usually say that it depends on your useage but I would recommend every six months and at least once a year. For AGAs I would recommend a clean once a year when you are switching it off to have it serviced. But what it really depends on is how clean you would like  your oven to be?? We clean it until it gleams which means it won’t have any grease or burnt on carbon left on it at all. Some people can live with this and others can’t; they need to keep the oven bright and shiny with no dirty stuff in it whatsoever. I cleaned an oven last Saturday and the client had just moved into a house and she said that she just couldn’t believe that someone would like get their oven into such a state. To me it was an easy clean at the bottom of the dirty scale!

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