Apr 05

So here is a question how long does it take to train when starting an oven cleaning business?

Well I suppose the answer is how thorough and detailed do you go in the training? For me when training new employees and new franchisees I want to be happy that they can do the job straight away after training, that is I want to be sure that they are able to manage any job that we book in. For employees it is slightly different in that us usually we will only book in standard single and double ovens For a few weeks to get them up to speed.This is because we will be booking in 3 jobs a day from day one. Once they are managing this satisfactorily then we will start booking in range cookers and then later after they have been doing this for a while we will do some additional training on AGA cookers before booking these in. For franchisees we do all their training, including the AGA cookers in the same week but I ensure they all know how to clean every different oven, hob, extractor which they may encounter. In our training kitchen I can ensure they gets lots of practice Ā on taking doors off and putting them back and also ensure they can strip down the Creda Continental which can be tricky to take apart.

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