Jun 25

We tend to get ovens that are dirtier than others. We get some that have a few bits of burnt on carbon and grease inside and at the other end of the scale the oven has a quarter of an inch thick grease on every part of its inside. Some people would like their ovens cleaned because the oven is smoking and makes the smoke alarm in their kitchen go off every time they use it . Others want us to clean it because they have tried everything but can’t get the glass on the door clean, they can’t see through the door and they just can’t get the burnt on grease off the inside of the door or get the drips out from inside of the door. Some want the racks to look shiny like new again or the grill pan to look sparkling and new too. Others just can’t stand the smell or the slimy feel of the grease in their oven.

A lot of customers now want the ‘just like new’ look and feel and want it more often to maintain a high standard of cleanliness; they are booking us in on a more regular basis to clean their oven.

So how clean is yours? And how often are you getting it cleaned professionally?

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