May 20

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I've just heard on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 radio station the Oven Pride advert which was played twice. This great news for oven cleaning companies and suppliers of oven cleaning products especially of course Oven Pride manufacturers Homepride Ltd as it focuses on the idea of getting your oven cleaned. Please don't leave it too long as you will get all the problems of a dirty oven: smoking, lots of grease all over including the seals, grime, unable to see through the door and that layer of burnt on carbon.

So if you decide to get and use Oven Pride oven cleaner it really is so easy to use that a man can do it but it will need a female to read the instructions on the packet. ­čÖé So please, this is very important, read ALL the instructions on the outside of the packet and carry them out exactly. Make sure that you don't have any children or pets in the room or anywhere near you when you do the cleaning.

Once you've had a go and you haven't really got the clean oven that you were looking for give us a ring in the South West or South Wales or if you don't live in our area call out your local oven cleaning company and get the job done properly by a MAN (though in some areas there are women professional oven cleaning cleaners).

See you soon…

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