Heating Element Problems in Dip Tank

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Sep 15

In my previous post I mentioned about a problem with one of our vans, or I should say their was a problem with the heating element in the oven cleaning dip tank. Sometimes they

Resistance heating element

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stop working. It can be a couple of weeks or a few years before they need changing, that is the life of them varies, and depends on quality of build. I have tried cheap copper ones from Screwfix and they have failed in a week, but the slightly more expensive ones have gone on for years.

On Monday night Matt R rang to say that ‘the van’ was throwing the breaker switches at his parents house (as he lives in a flat he heats the van up every night at his parents’ house about a mile down the road). It had happened twice. So a sure thing that the heating element in the dip tank had ‘gone’. That is it was shorting out because the solution was leaking out of the tank on to the electrics through the heating element. So what do? My  Jelly van is with Nigel as I did a swap with him to get his van as some time I need to get his van into the garage to get the radiator replaced as it is overheating on long runs on the motorway. My van’s element also had ‘gone’ and as I hadn’t had the time over the last couple of weeks it hadn’t been done. My new Peugeot has been in the garage for the whole week as the electric guys are working out a solution to get a better quality electric insulation for the tank for me. So the only thing was to change the element. So I met Matt at the office at 0830 pm on Monday night and we emptied out the solution from the tank and fitted a new element. As Matt R has our new Citroen Berlingo the van is now two and half years old and this is the first time that we have had to change the element. It also has the new tank with the element at the front which makes it easier to change, we don’t have to take the tank out of the van like we do on our older vans (and is a reason I haven’t fixed my Jelly (Daihatsu) element).  So with a the big immersion heater spanner, torch, a long screwdriver, and a crimping tool, and some sealant I fitted the new element, I used a Titanium element that I bought from Screwfix, so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts, the quality seems to be very good. We swopped over the thermostat to keep the higher temperature one.

We put in a new solution to the tank and then heated the solution through and it was ready to go again within the hour. Matt went on and did is Range in the morning and AGA in the afternoon the next day.
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