Jan 28

We had a call today from a client to say that our oven cleaning operative Alan had done a fantastic job cleaning her AGA but would we contact him because her dog had gone missing. Our perturbed customer services staff queried the comment only to be told that the particular lady’s Irish Terrier had taken a keen interest in Alan and could the dog have climbed into the van and fallen asleep without him noticing!

At this stage Alan had driven to another client’s home and was already cleaning their oven. (Our customer services staff had visions of Alan having been directed to his next job with the help of a canine passenger!) We phoned Alan who chuckled slightly saying that last time he had seen the dog it was wandering around the client’s garden and no it had not sneaked into his van. On phoning the Client we were pleased to hear that their dog had, in the meantime, turned up in a neighbour’s garden. The client did say though that her dog had never disappeared before – We’re sure Alan is not too concerned about his lack of animal magnetism.

This little diversion certainly brightened up our office mood this morning and thank goodness we have clients that care for their dogs.

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