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Jan 01

Hi there, You may have noticed that I seem to have disappeared for most of December of 2012. Well that was the case as far as the blog was concerned. Though I did write three long

Acute bronchitis schema

Acute bronchitis schema (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

posts during December but they never got to the site as I had a problem with my phone not working properly and they never got anywhere. What happened was one of our guys went sick with the sickness bug. So I had to go out cleaning ovens; my first day was a nightmare with two really dirty ovens, people seem to leave them for Christmas cleaning, and after that  I thought that it would be it just a couple of days cleaning and then back into the office for the run up to Christmas but NO when he was well again to work one of the other guys went sick with ‘Man Flu’ so my wife called it 🙂  but it got a bit more serious the week after and turned into Bronchitis and he had to take some medicine for that, so I worked on all the way up to Christmas. I did lots of ovens and a couple of AGAs and I did enjoy it in the end, it just took me a while to get back into my old routine. At Christmas time we are very busy and we are booked up a couple of weeks in advance and really we can’t let anyone down. For the last Christmases we have filled up the vans and then booked in any over spill into me to do, but this year it didn’t work out that way. But of course I can’t really complain as even though we had tons of water we didn’t get snow which in the past has stopped us getting to houses.

Well, anyway, here we are with the first post of 2013. I have been trying today to turn this blog into a book. But the software I used to convert it has told me that it has 113,000 words and would turn into a book of 734 pages. So I am going to have to do some editing and I probably end up with three books of about 25,000 words each. But I need to do find the time first. But look our for them, if you signed up to my lists then I send you the details.

This weekend we are holding our AGM for OvenGleamers and if you would like to come along and meet us and the franchisees – they will all be there – (the invitation is open to all those on my email lists) please contact us in the office. 01275 370571.

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