Jul 05

When we took our son to swimming lessons on Sunday when we parked the car in Clifton in Bristol we saw a mini fork lift truck coming down the street with a 5 foot Gromit on it. We watched as they positioned it outside the Redgrave Theatre.

On the way back from swimming and driving through the part of Clifton before we got to The Clifton Suspension Bridge we saw a truck with about 20 Gromits on the back, they were off loading them and putting them in position. We then went to the Riverside Garden centre and saw that they had had one just delivered. And then we saw The Matthew ship moored on the quayside with a Gromit on it.

Yesterday when I was in Clifton I saw the Clifton Gromit in The Mall Gardens.

So what was it all about?

Well it is part of Gromit Unleashed. 80 5 feet high Gromits have been positioned in Bristol and a few of them are in locations outside of Bristol, for example there is one at Weston Birt for the ten weeks 1st July 2013 to 1st September 2013Gromit Unleashed. They are going to be in position for 10 weeks and then they are going to be auctioned off at the end of that time with all proceeds going to The Grand Appeal Charity raising money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

See: Gromit Unleashed

We have decided to raise funds for this charity too and we will contribute £2 of every sale we make in the same 10 week period towards the charity and are asking each of our customers if they would like also to contribute £2 to the charity. The Charity is close to our heart as our son was born 10 weeks premature in St Michaels Hospital in Bristol and it with their expertise and care that helped him to survive and be the strapping 5 year old he now is.

So the amount we raised as of yesterday, so doing it for four days is a total of £110. We have contributed from 44 bookings and we have had additional contributions from customers willing to contribute. We have put a large Gromit photo on our office window and we are putting a dot on it for every contribution.

So we are very optimistic looking at raising a lot of money for the Charity and having a very spotty Gromit of our own in our window.

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