Graham cleans an AGA and an oven today

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Sep 03

Here is the end result of a four oven AGA Cooker that I cleaned today. I also cleaned a single Smeg oven in the same house. This was a repeat customer who had both the AGA and the single oven cleaned last October before a big retirement party they had.  So in all they weren't terribly dirty so it was case of making everything gleaming!

I'm currently acting as the back up oven cleaner for our business. So we have our four guys out oven cleaning and we are booking them in at about a week in advance at the moment. We then book me in for any cleans that are a bit more urgent and the customer can't wait for a week. 

So this week I have cleaned a two oven AGA, and the four oven AGA, and single oven and the rest of the time its been in the office. Well it has been a short week.

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