Do You Switch The AGA Cooker Off For Your Holiday?

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Jun 14

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What do you do with your AGA cooker if you are going off on your holidays?  The first thing you are going to do, of course, is make sure that you are going on a UK  AGA cottage holiday so you can have all the comforts of home whilst on holiday. ­čÖé

So switching off the AGA cooker for the holiday period and the different types:

I think if you have the AIMS system fitted you are going to put into slumber (see my other post of AIMS AGA cooker), and if you have the none AIMS type you have to make the decision to switch it off completely or turn it down.

For our 30 Amp AGA cooker we lowered the temperature down to about number 2 on the dial when we went away on holiday and more recently I turned it off completely when we had it cleaned. When we switched it back on we have had a few days to get the timer right as it is tucked away in a cupboard and is difficult to adjust. But it was pretty straight forward once we had worked it out.

If you've got a gas AGA cooker you could turn it down and put it on the pilot – that is the pilot flame is on – whilst you are away and then it's just a case of turning it back up when you return. You could also turn it off, as they aren't that difficult to turn back on again.

For an oil AGA from my experience it's not so easy to get it right after switching it off so I'd keep it on as normal!  The alternative is I'd suggest booking someone into service (why don't you get it cleaned at the same time – cleaned in the morning serviced in the afternoon) it on the day after you arrive back then you can switch it off before you go on holiday and then the service engineer can relight it and get it going again after they have serviced it.

I have also recently read a problem with the oil AGA cooker is that if left off for a while you can flood in the oil box thingy (not sure on the technicalities) but it's caused by having fuel flooding down from the tank and resting in the AGA – the solution is to ensure that the tank tap is switched off completely.

These suggestions are from my own experiences and I would also suggest you also have a look at the main AGA website.

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