Getting the AGA cooker ready for Christmas

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Nov 04

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I've been to Oxfordshire today to clean a 4 oven AGA cooker;
so it was a bit of a drive (an hour and a half) to get there. I listened to a
couple of business business seminars tapes by Chris Cardell whilst driving there and as
the lady of the house wasn’t there when I got there, she thought the 11.30
appointment was at 13.30, I had another 45 minutes further listening and van
cleaning until she turned up to let me in. So in the end I was Chris Cardelled


It then took me three hours to clean the AGA. It was a
reconditioned one so even though it was one of the original ‘standard’ models
it had good enamel. So the final result was a sparkling clean AGA that looked
like new.


 It's quite a way to
go to clean just one AGA but we fitted it in so that I could clean it and then carry
out some work in the office when I got back. I did the same yesterday when I
drove to Sherbourne to clean a 4 oven there again an hour and half each way of
Chris Cardell. For me cleaning AGAs is very satisfying so I don’t mind at all. So two AGA cookers left set ready, and looking fabulous, for Christmas.


Overall our oven cleaning business is doing well and we have
been very busy and at the moment we are booking in new appointments ten days in
advance, which is good for us. This is great news and is the start of our run
up to Christmas when we get very busy. Really it is going to fly by. Christmas
is a busy time for us as we get a rush where people want their ovens, ranges
and AGA cookers and of course their hobs and extractors shiny and fresh for
both visitors and the family. No one wants their mother-in-law, future
in-laws, family and friends  to see their ovens or cookers in a filthy
state. They want them looking lovely. It really gives a good impression if they look great.

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