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Mar 21

Oven Cleaning Business


We at OvenGleamers.com are offering you the opportunity to be in control of your future by starting your own oven cleaning business. We we will train you and you will be up and running straight away and ready to clean ovens as an OvenGleamers franchise business owner.

As we have had a multi van operation ourselves since 2005, (having started with just me in a van in 2004) we can also provide you with information to manage a multi van operation, from recruitment of staff, management of staff and the placement of work contracts.

Why an oven cleaning business? Well as an oven cleaning business is van based and as you’d be working from home  it is fabulous in that you can schedule your jobs to work around your family and social life.  Really you will be able to remove the stress of 9 to 5 working and no longer have  to commute to work and not have to deal with, if you have been a manager,  staff problems and issues.  In a way a new life for you. Cleaning isn’t stressful at all and you get immediate positive feedback from every client.

We will give you the best in oven cleaning training, enabling you to understand and operate your business with confidence and have an excellent start and momentum you need for a successful business. The oven cleaning business is in a sustainable and ever growing market, as every home has a cooker, hob or extractor in need of cleaning. We will offer you a tried and tested business format built up and finely tuned over six years of operating a multi van oven cleaning business – we currently have five vans in operation. This a fabulous business opportunity for any hard working and ambitious individual.

There are franchise companies offering a similar business opportunity. However, we believe that by helping you start your own OvenGleamers franchise operation we can help you achieve your goals without spending too much on both start up costs and monthly management fees. We offer you training in the best processes and techniques in operation in the business, the best equipment, and we use both superior products and spare parts. We consider that this makes this opportunity the BEST franchise opportunity in the industry.

This business is easy for you to manage especially with our call centre taking your calls during the day for you. It provides you with repeat business (some customers look at getting their ovens cleaned every few months) . It has low overheads and you may work from home.  Has an excellent potential for turnover and profit. It can be owner operated, man in van, or multi van operation.

We offer a fabulous  start up cost – Our fee starts at £16995 plus VAT for the standard franchise package. Our minimum cost package provides you with 60,000 households and your van is set up ready to operate on completion of your franchise business training. Our electrically heated oven cleaning dip tank giving you the best in equipment that you need to run a fast and efficient oven cleaning business.

Our comprehensive two week training course includes AGA cooker cleaning specialist training, which we feel will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Support will be provided by phone and our unique OvenGleamers Academy Training site  which gives you access to training videos by me.  Superior products that are child and pet friendly.  Expert marketing help. Full operations manual.  Our branding and advertising materials. Our course is ten days long and you will learn everything you need to know to clean ovens, range cookers, extractors, AGA cookers and start your business with a bang. We provide a local business launch in your area and extensive internet marketing.

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