May 19

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I have been enjoying myself today. I managed to get out the office to go and see a client of ours who has reported a problem with her door. She said it wasn’t like that before we cleaned it! We had already sent back our employee who cleaned it and also one of tour other more experienced employees but they both couldn’t see how to fix it.

So I went around there today. I had a look at it and it looked like the fault I was expecting that is the right hand side oven door hinge was coming out of the oven meaning that when you tried to close the door to close it properly you had to push that side in with your hand. And this problem is caused by a broken spring.

So I wanted to confirm the problem but how do you find the spring? I first took the front screws off and tried to see if the front split off but it didn’t. Then I took the whole oven out of its surround and put it on to the floor. so I could have a look to see how you got into the area where the hinge was. I took the top bit of the casing off first but under there was just the electrics for the oven control board. Then I took the back off but you couldn’t see the hinge from there. Then I took the side panel off and then right at the bottom I could see the hinge and the spring.

And yes there it was looking very rusty with its end broken off.

I told the client that it wasn’ t our fault it was just a a coincidence that it happened after we cleaned the oven.  But I still offered to go back and fit it and they have been a client of ours since 2007 and have their oven cleaned often with us.

I need to get a spring and looking on Espares the price is £2.50 for the spring so probably close to £10 once we put postage and packing on to that.

I have recorded taking the oven a part so I’ll put a video together in the next day or so.

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