Sep 03

Here is a picture of an Esse Major Cooker that we didn’t clean. Yes that is right we didn’t clean it. The reason I have the photos is that this Esse Cooker is in our local National Trust Property

Esse Major Cooker We Didn't clean

Esse Major Cooker We Didn’t clean (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)

Tyntesfield just down the road, from our office, in Wraxall in North Somerset.And what a beauty of a cooker. It’s the largest Esse cooker I’ve ever seen.

I spotted it when we were looking around the house a year or so ago and I asked permission to take some photographs and also asked them if they wanted it cleaning which they replied in the negative. So it may still look like this dirty and scruffy. I guess they wanted the authentic look rather than the gleaming out of place look. Shame really. But the cooker is really interesting in that it is a very large Esse Range cooker compared with what Esse manufacturer today. All the Esses I have seen have been two oven ones, I have cleaned quite a few of them.

Apparently the Esse was installed into Tynesfield in the 1930s or 1940s so must have been one of their range for Mansion houses at the time as it is huge. It would have been originally wood burning and they did mention that it had been converted to oil at some time.  Looking at the History of the Esse Page on the Esse website, Esse were the market leaders in this type of cooker and look like they came up with the ‘AGA Cooker Design’ before AGA  did which is an interesting fact. Also I can remember the National Trust Lady who told us the history about the kitchen mentioned that Florence Nightingale swore by Esse’s and I see that is on the history page too. Also they have appeared in a James Bond Film – “A View To Kill” which was on the box the other day. I think we recorded it I’ll have to look out for the cooker next time I watch the film.

The pictures show the Esse Major in all its dirty glory; the National Trust’s lady’s walking stick is in the picture of the door open as she put it there to open the door so I could take the photo.

Anyway fascinating stuff and I’m glad I didn’t have to clean this Esse! But if they did ask I would like to spend some time on getting it gleaming.

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