Apr 16
Packaging Hager

Packaging Hager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We often use the company Espares for spare parts. We have used them recently as we needed a repplacement inner door for a bosch oven that just fell apart when we went to take the door apart to clean inisde the door – not something that has happened before so we think there may have been some sort of damage to it already. Anyway it shatterd into a miillion pieces and we told the customer we’d get them a new one.

On contacting espares they told us it would take four weekes to get the part and it would cost £150. The custoner was okay with this as she could use the other oven of the cooker. So about four weeks latter we got the part and we arranged to fit it. We got there opened the  box and then discovered that there was a very small chip on the glass on the corner of the door. The customer wanted a new one, so did we. The chip of glass wasn’t in the packaging so really I think it had been packed like it. The main point though was the packaging used by Espares was very poor just some polystyrene bits on the front of the glass and the sides – really for me to make it 100% it should have had some bubble wrap on it too.

But into the post the parcel  went back to espares. Espares were very efficient and arranged the return in a instant giving me a return label by email; I just walked across the road to the post office with the parcel and posted it back.

We got a replacement  door two weeks later. But the again the packaging was the same but the door was 100% – so out to fit we went an everything was fine a happy customer at last.

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