Easter is coming time to get the Oven Cleaner in?

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Mar 13

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Well it has just dawned on me that Easter is coming very soon. And the Mother in Law effect that gets people to clean their oven for Christmas will be apparent again. So if you are thinking that your oven looks horrid, just horrid well what do you think your Mother-in-law is going to think about it?

Speaking to a friend of ours who is the Mother-in-law she told us that when she visits her son in Australia not only does she take over the kitchen and do all the cooking she also gives the house a complete clean from top to bottom. Apparently her daughter in law doesn't like this very much and has suggested that our friend stay in a hotel down the road. Well our friend says "well I go all that way to see my son and grandchildren and it's better if I'm there all the time. I mean I need to see them all of the time I can get as I don't see them that often". So in all she smiles and gets on with being the mother-in-law!

So there you go the mother may want to clean your oven for  you.  So get it done before she arrives if you don't want her to do it for you. Then she won't have anything to do. ­čÖé

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