Earn a Minimum £2000 a Month Guaranteed From Day One With OvenGleamers Franchise

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Jan 02

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year.

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I was out cleaning up until Christmas and in all I cleaned lots of ovens including five AGA cookers which included one where I did a refurbishment of the Lid Seal, I’ll write another post about that watch out for it soon.

I have been thinking over the Christmas period of having a sale on the Franchise side, that is offering a discount on the price of the franchise for a limited period at the beginning of this year but then we talked it through and really we realised that even if we sold a franchise at a lower price there still wouldn’t be any guarantee of how the franchise would perform which really is the main reason someone buys into a franchise, they want that cosy wrapped feeling of success with a known product. So we had a look at how we compare with other franchise opportunities out there and nothing has changed we are still leading the way in lots of areas, particularly equipment and a marketing strength on Social Media platforms, especially on YouTube, so in all we believe that our package is strong and really good value. It has been ten years in the making. So what we have decided to do is to put our money where our mouth is and offer a new guarantee for our new franchisees and it is this:

We will guaranteed your income to £2000 a month for the first three months. So Earn £2000 a month from day one with OvenGleamers.

There area some Terms and Conditions – you’ll need to ask us about them – but there isn’t a catch and the general gist of them is that we want you to be active in promoting your business even if the amount of work isn’t coming in – so you can’t just buy the franchise and then do nothing and then expect us to pay you for doing nothing. In the first three months we are doing your marketing in your area and we are going to be working hard to ensure that you get the business. But if you don’t there are some other activities we would like you to do which will help you build your business and the brand in your local area. As long as you are doing these then we will honour our commitment. So for us this is something with a potential value of £6000 to you which will give you piece of mind and also mean that some people may feel better about pushing forward with a franchise in an area which may be more difficult to launch – for example in the wilds of Scotland or North Wales where we would give you a bigger franchise area to compensate but we still will have to prove your market and launch your business successfully for you.

So don’t delay contact us today 🙂 Visit the franchise site by CLICKING HERE

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