Dismantle a 30 Amp Electric AGA Cooker

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Jun 06

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I've just noticed that AGA say on their main site  a comment about dismantling a 30 Amp AGA cooker in that they say that: " A 30 amp electric Aga cannot be
economically dismantled, moved and re-assembled".

I think this is to do with the insulation material that the 30 Amp AGA has inside it. It needs to be different from other AGA cookers as the elements in it get extremely hot when they heat up overnight.

The guy who installed our reconditioned 30 Amp AGA cooker dressed up in a full protective suit when he was handling it as the material had a skull and crossbones on the packet. I think it's just taking it out of the packet and putting it into the cooker that is the problem, once it's in there then it is safe. Tony from Mr Cooker who supplied and installed our reconditioned 30 Amp AGA cooker has since given up installing them because he wants to protect his health as he felt 12 years of doing it was enough, he still installs other AGA cooker fuel types and also still supplies reconditioned 30 Amp AGA Cookers.

So handling of the insulation is a problem and is made difficult by the health and safety handling regulations of a nasty material. I'd also expect the insulation to cost a lot more than normal AGA cooker insulation.

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