Discovery Day Success

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Oct 10

We had our first Discovery Day this week and things went well, we had four people in attendance and Mike Churcher our newest franchisee, myself and my wife, Catherine.  Everybody had a good time on our information packed day, we all got on well and had a laugh and everyone was clearly impressed with my new van, the way it is fitted out and our franchise opportunity which is great. We had gone to a lot of effort to get everything ready for the day.


We are now going to ramp up a gear to get more franchisees in place to start to catch that busy month of December. We have our next training day commencing on the 5th November 2012 which will be the last training week for starting to trade this year. We are looking at maybe running a December training course too for franchisees looking to start at the beginning of 2013.


In the attached photo you’ll see our map and on that map the two red pins mark Cardiff and Swindon both areas we currently cover but areas we have flagged as being exceptional areas for new franchisees as we have a strong existing customer base in both areas. We are also keen on getting a new franchisees in the Torbay area where we have a strong client base too.


If you are interested in coming to the next Discovery Day to meet us, and more importantly, :-), see the van at close hand, please see the dates on the Discovery Day; oven cleaning franchise discovery day . There are a two more this month with one Saturday day and also two more next month, again with one of those being a Saturday.
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