Dip Tank Solution for Oven Cleaning

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Mar 18

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If you are wondering what sort of solution is used in our oven cleaning dip tank then I have tried a few. Some you'd call eco friendly and others are a bit stronger and these tend to Alkaline solutions with a high PH value. You'd be surprised at what does a good job. I have tried ordinary washing up liquid which does a reasonable job and I know that a lot of franchise oven cleaning companies use this so the stuff they provide you with may well just be washing up liquid even though they package it in their brand tub and call it a different name.

For me washing up liquid doesn't provide a consistent way to clean the oven bits and it also needs a bit of work to get the final bits off which adds to the time for each job.  But if you are stuck then its more than okay to do the job; it needs to be a hot solution to work. We use something that guarantees that everything is cleaned 100% . So we've found something else that works a lot better…

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