Daihatsu Extol Van as an Oven cleaning van review

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Jul 12


Here is my video review of one of our Daihatsu Extol Vans (I know that I can't seem to pronounce Daihatsu but I have left it as it is!). I filmed this back in January when I filmed the others. I will be adding to the set of videos on the ovencleaning.tv site in the next few weeks. You'll see that I have lost a bit of weight.

The Daihatsu Extol van is a great van for oven cleaning as it is larger in side than you'd expect. As the engine is under the passenger's seat it means that space is freed up and the van area is big, that is once we have put the partition in to give the rear cleaning compatment the area in the centre of the van is nice and big and you can get lots of cleaning equipment in there(and junk as seen in this video though most of the stuff in the van was actually cloths). This area is a lot larger than say a our newer Citroen Berlingo. The modern equivalent in the way of space is the Nissan NV200, though as the Nissan has the engine in the front the overall dimensions are about a foot longer than the Daihatsu.

The good points about the van: it has five doors and it means that you don't get wet when it is pouring down with rain. The side door next to the driver's door makes it easy to throw in your kit when you have just finished a job. It is very nippy with its 1.3 Yaris engine. It is very reliable. We have had both our Daihatsu Extol vans from new and they are five years old now. We have done one repair on each vehicle. On one there was a filter problem and it was fixed and on the other we had to replace a pipe as it got 'holed' by a flying stone. It is great for going around town. So other than servicing (which is cheap at our local Peugeot Express Fit) and tyres that has been it for both vehicles. One has 60K on the clock and the other has 70K.

The bad points are: It is a bit light and gets blown around by the wind, especially on motorways, so really isn't ideal for long drives that involve motorway driving. The gearing isn't geared up for motorway driving – you want to change up but there isn't another gear to change to. The fuel consumption isn't that great with about 30 mpg (though I think the reason for this is that it is a light van and with our oven cleaning dip tank and rinse tank added the load it is carrying is quite large for a small van).

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