Complaints of Dirty Ovens

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Oct 11
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We don’t often get complaints, and when we do they are relatively minor ones. I think the last complaint I had to deal with was about an AGA clean near Swindon way back in March and when I got there it was a case of cleaning the top upper tunnel on the main oven, it took me about five minutes to sort out and she was vey happy.


This week on Tuesday I went off to Marlborough to deal with a complaint about an Marlbrough AGA clean that one of the guys had done last week. It was a regular customer and I have cleaned her four oven AGA before. On the list I had with me she had complained that the trays hadn’t been cleaned properly and also the flue cover hadn’t been cleaned and a couple of other things weren’t what she would expect from a clean with us. When I got there I saw the following problems:


The flue cover hadn’t been cleaned properly.
The top part of the tunnel on the main oven hadn’t been cleaned properly.
I found the ceramic hob on the top of ovens 3 and four hadn’t been cleaned properly.
There was a cold shelf in oven number 4 which hadn’t been cleaned.
The flue itself hadn’t been cleaned.
There was burnt on carbon around the edge of the main roasting oven.


So a case of hmm. The guy who cleaned it is normally our star and regularly gets glowing testimonials so I was unsure why it was so bad, but I do know that he has some person problems on his mind at the moment.


She also had a problem in that our operative hadn’t asked her if she wanted her pans cleaning, and she expected this to happen. I told her that we were  unable to clean the sort of pans she had but I did clean her cold shelf.


It took me about an hour to make sure that everything was 100% as the AGA was back on and it was very hot, and I  burnt my finger and burnt my head on the roasting oven door, and got very hot and sweaty, in the process. In the end the customer was very happy and said to me that she would use us again, which is obviously the reason we deal with complaints fast a effectively.


When I got back to the office I got the guy back in and had a chat to him. Whilst talking to him we had another complaint come in re his work that morning.


Yesterday, Wednesday, I went off to check this oven out expecting the worst as on my sheet this time it said that the seals hadn’t been cleaned and the outside hadn’t been cleaned. When I got there everything was completely immaculate. It was a Stoves standard double oven and the dirty seals she referred to was just a few bits of scrapings from the clean and the outside mark she referred to was a small grease mark between the buttons on the timer. She said that normally she has Nigel (our guy off with broken big toe at the moment – five weeks so far) and he uses cotton buds to clean between the buttons. ‘COTTON BUDS!?’ I thought well that really is a new one on me but what a good idea. She also said that he hadn’t cleaned her oven liner – with these I normally dip the really dirty ones but this one wasn’t that bad and I cleaned it easily. At home we put these in the dish washer and they come out 100% every time. The other issue she had about the clean she was complaining about was that he had been too fast finishing the job in an hour. From my point of view the job was exceptional for that amount of time but if he had had the buds and used them on those control buttons maybe that would have made her feel that he had gone the extra mile to clean the detail.  So what did I do after I sorted out the  bits she wanted sorting? I drove off to Tesco and bought five boxes of cotton buds for each of the guys and me to carry! Also whilst I was there I cleared their shelf of value tooth brushes. Tesco should be ashamed as the price for these has gone up from 10p a packet of two, to 18p a packet of two, what that an 80% increase. The only difference was that they are now a different colour.


We got a glowing phone call late this afternoon to say that the guy, with the complaints, had done the most fabulous job ever so hopefully our little chat has gone him back on the tracks and  I hope that our little run of complaints has come to end now!
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