Feb 02

Here is a video of me cleaning a AGA cooker with enamel lids. So you see me scraping off the grease from the lids and then the final result. This AGA came up looking the business because it was a renovated one and therefore the enamel on it was pretty good. More than often the lids come up looking clean but the enamel is damaged as a lot of people with this sort of AGA, either the standard AGA (one of the earlier ones) or the Classic AGA (a new one that looks like the old one) use the lids to rest their trays and kettles on. We use our 30Amp AGA cooker like this too and it has chrome lids but we use Chef Pads to protect the lid tops.

The AGA in this video is  the one that I have previously posted about and it belonged to the author Dick King-Smith who wrote the story Babe about the pig. So this is the reason I have tried to give the video a cinematic look.

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