Cleaning lacanche Range Cooker Brass

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Sep 29

I cleaned a couple of laCanche cookers, one with brass trim and the other with chrome trim, in one house last year and a couple of days later the customer complained that I hadn't cleaned the brass work on the one which had brass knobs. Really we always clean the knobs but we have never polished them. Usually customers are happy with what we do and we can get them reasonably clean using our normal cleaning products.

A couple of weeks ago Hugo cleaned a LaCanche range cooker and the next day the customer rang us and told me that she was dissappointed that Hugo hadn't polished the knobs as she was expecting them to be  "as new" after the clean.

I booked Hugo in to go back that Saturday which gave us a couple of days to find something to do the job. Searching on Google it came back with ideas to clean brass using Bicarbonate Soda and vinegar in varies mixtures. But a few weeks earlier a customer had shown me the effect of using a product called Maas Polish on the burner rings on his Falcon range – they brought them up to a mirror finish. Looking on the web site I found that it also cleaned brass so the next day I went to Lakeland in Bath and bought some there. I also bought some of the Lakeland own brand brass cleaned.

Hugo cleaned the knobs with both and the both did a similar job, that is a very good job bringing them up like new.  So this polish will now be an addition to our cleaning kits.

Below Photo 1 before. Photo 2 before and after polished knobs.




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