Aug 18


Here is a video of me cleaning an AGA with a module which I cleaned at the beginning of this year when the weather was cold, I remember being outside in the bitter cold. For those of you wh don't know what a module is it is really a conventional oven that has been given the AGA look so that it can be attached to your 2 oven AGA and not look out of place, it is also know as an AGA Four Two – four burners and two ovens (there is an AGA Six Four – six burners and four ovens and you take off the self cleaning sides in the same way). People tend to have them so that they can switch their AGA off in the Summer months and save some money and not be uncomfortable in the kitchen. Though what happens is that they end up using the module more than the AGA so generally the module can be very dirty and the AGA not that dirty. For this AGA the self cleaning panels in the module were black in carbon. So I removed them and dipped them in the oven cleaning dip tank in the van. Really this gives a very good result and they look like new again after this has been done. To take the sides off can be a bit tricky as some of the screws are difficult to see so it is a case of feeling them and then unscrewing them. The side racks come off first and then the panels. The back self cleaning panels may have the thermostat wire on them so this has to be removed. I have a look and see if it is going to benefit with a dip before I remove it. The side racks have a up and a down with the lugs facing upwards; it is easy to forget this and put them back in the wrong way up. You don't find out that is wrong until you try and put the clean racks back into the rails.

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