Cleaning AGA enamel lids

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oct 28

The other day I was out training new franchisee Brian Smith and we cleaned this very old and dirty Standard AGA cooker (Standard as an old AGA with enamel lid tops before they bought out the Deluxe AGA in the late fifties with chrome top lids) and standard double oven in the same kitchen of a fabulous thatched cottage. The AGA took a while as the grease was engrained on and the top of the enamel lids was particulary bad. In all, as I was showing Brian the cleaning process, it took a long time than I would have taken myself. As Brian cleaned the double oven on his own I carried on with the detail of  the AGA. So we started at 0930 and finished at 1530. A long day. The AGA looked great at the end though. Unusually the underside of the lids were both self cleaning – well rusty self cleaning coated that couldn't be cleaned. Really I haven't cleaned one of these standard AGAs for a while and I really enjoyed myself. I not sure if Brian did though! We cleaned the Falcon double oven range cooker the next day. All good practise though.



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