Clean Your Oven

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 11

Whilst checking to see if my new OvenGleamers franchisees ads were running I found this video in YouTube called Clean Your Oven. It has been put together by Hampshire College students for Hampshire College students; that is Hampshire College in Amherst USA. I thought it was very good.

Basically highlighting that the task of cleaning the oven is something that the students should keep on top of as they will be setting the fire alarm off and causing the local Fire Service some aggro in attending for a non fire event. They missed out a bit which I would have added and that is that most of the time the reason for the oven smoking is a build up of grease on the top of the oven, either on or above the grill element. These can be difficult to clean though.

In this video it shows the speed of how a fire can take, especially if the fire detector has been covered over.

I’ve been in invited in the past to talk to students, who have just moved into halls of residence at a local university and the fire brigade representation spoke on similiar lines to this that the Fire Brigade might find it difficult to respond and get to the fire quick enough to put out any fires. So keeping the oven nice and clean is the way to go, especially the extractor paper which needs to be changed regularly to stop it greasing up and becoming like a wick that will light very easily.

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