Citroen Berlingo Oven Cleaning Van Door Locking Problem

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Mar 31

Citroen Majorette FranceImage by citröön via Flickr

Just after getting our brand new Citroen Berlingo oven cleaning van all fitted out and ready to go we got a problem. The problem was an electrical one where when you tried to lock the doors with the remote it didn't do it as the van's computer thought the doors were ajar. We used the key to lock the van which was fine until we came to unlock it and we couldn't unlock it (we opened it by disconnecting the battery). Well that all happened last week and the van has been in the main Citroen Dealer's garage for the last week. In the end after doing lots of tests and sending them to Citroen HQ in France they decided that the way to fix it was to get a brand new computer processor unit for the van. So after being in the garage for what seemed like forever, when it was actually a week, we have got our van back today.

Luckily we didn't need the van when it was being fixed by Cirtoen as we were training John and he was able go out with one of the other guys for his training. If we had been running the van normally then we would have been completly stuck and lost a weeks turnover for the van. John will be back out with me next week in our lovely new Citroen Berlingo which will hopefully be now ready to roll.

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