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Feb 13
Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines

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I said in an either post that I had committed to the Mercedes Benz Citan, and it is currently being fitted out. It is the first one that Mercedes-Benz has done for us so we are treating the fit of my van as a ‘dry run’ to learn the ropes so that we will have a smooth operation in place when a franchise comes on board. Today the van nearly went off for the fit of the partition before the van had been ply lined! So could have ended up being a disaster. We have found from experience that to get the lining of the rear ‘wet area’ right so that it is sealed properly we need to make sure that the ply lining goes in first before we put the partition in. Then we can get the partition in as a perfect fit. We use no metal brackets and the end job is a very good looking job. So it has put the van fit behind by one day. But hopefully it will still be fine, we have until next Wednesday to complete the fit ready for the Franchise Show.


I test drove a Citan van last week, (not mine, mine went on the road for the first time to day) and my first impressions of the Citan van from Mercedes is very good. I’m going to put a full review together for next week. My van is the Mercedes Benz Citan C90 Blue Efficiency with stop start technology But overall the things l liked the best were – the stop start technology, when you get to the lights put the handbrake on and put the van into neutral, the engine goes off, when the lights change you push the clutch and the van starts straight away. It felt very smooth to drive and even though the handbrake lever got some getting used to I think I cracked it towards the end of the drive.
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