Citan First One sold In UK to OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 20

Here is our new OvenGleamers van and we were told that is one of the first if not the first one to be sold in the UK. I been excited today as I hadn't seen it at all before today and was looking forward to seeing it. They delivered it at 3 o'clock this afternoon and I popped out in it to get some extra graphics put on the back. One of the logos on the back is also making its first appearance on the back of a van and that is the British Franchise Association Franchisees Member Badge. This is the badge that Franchisees who join as Franchisee members be allowed to have on their van and other promotional material. I had to get permission from the top of the BFA to put it on my van as I am not strictly a franchisee member but a franchisor, but they saw the benefit of me having it on the van as I could show potential franchisees the badge and tell them about the benefits of being a franchisee member of the BFA. the badge is red and just says a member of the British franchise Association.. 

So this was my second drive in the Citan, last time it was in the dark so this time I had time to play with some of the stuff. Overall the van is really great to drive and I loved the stop start technology and look forward to driving it up to the NEC tomorrow. I setting off early dropping my son off at School and then straight onto the motorway to get there on time, I'll probably be there pretty early, but set up starts at 1000. I'm taking a dip tank that we are going to have as a static display.

So come and see us at the National Franchise show this Friday and Saturday 22 and 23 February 2013.


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