Christmas Oven Cleaning Sales

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Dec 19

So in my last post I mentioned that we had a few good weeks recently. I’m not sure why it has been better this year. But I think it’s because we prepared for Christmas this year. I have done some changes to marketing and it seems to have paid off.

As far as I can remember last year we were full up quite a few weeks before Christmas and then we had the few weeks of poor sales as people were still phoning trying to get pre Christmas appointments. So a couple of good weeks followed by a few poor weeks of sales. This year we have had four strong weeks and then back to our old average sales in a week on the week up to Christmas (this week as I write).

This year we tried to make sure this wouldn’t happen by getting our guys full days aiming to maximise the turnover per van. I think I mentioned before that we took on three new guys a couple of months ago. We took on three as it was two to replace two employees who left suddenly and one as an extra to fill an extra van.

As it worked out one guy left after just a week on his own. he just got in a stew and walked out of his job leaving us to finish it off. He said “he had enough”. It was shame really as he was what looked like an ideal employee. I think it boils down to him getting himself into a situation of no confidence under pressure and failing to get in contact with someone to help them.

We decided not to recruit a replacement and carry on with a team of six plus me in the spare van.

Looking at the way we are fitting in the jobs. All of our vans are averaging £300 a day with our more experienced guys getting a turnover of over £400 a day in their vans. So this is good news. Long may it continue into the new year.

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