Children in Need Appeal with OvenGleam

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Nov 16

This year we made an effort to raise money for Children in Need, for every customer we book in today we will give 5 pounds to Children in Need. By twelve o’clock we had raised raised 130 pounds and by the end of the day we had raised £250. We booked in 30 ovens and as we get payment on booking we were paid when these were booked in and then we contributed £50 ourselves and then our business coach Paul Avins of  The Business Wealth Club chipped in £50 too. So in all a very good day, we haven’t booked in 30 ovens in one day before!

Our strategy was this: My wife, Catherine, was in the office at 0800 and did the fantastic artwork – see above!! 🙂 I know it does a look a  bit phallic (correct spelling) but it does the job – shows how much we are getting. She contacted Chris Evans on Radio 2 by texting them, they phoned us back and we were all set to go live when it looks like we were pipped to the slot by someone with a larger target. She then sent out an email, then we sent another email at lunch time and another towards the end of the day.

Then at the end of the day she texted Simon Mayo, and he mentioned our sum – which was £200 then – we got the other £50 donation from Paul afterwards.


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